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Loving AB Mommy - Mommy is going to diaper check you when I see you... and change you when needed. Mommy is there to feed you your bottle and baby food, hug you lots, give you many cuddles, raspberries and a bubble bath funtime before bed. I am very intuitive to AB's needs (and wants! we all know AB's wants lots of attention) but will have to be firm & stern mommy when I need to be, because all AB's need love and guidance in their life!

Diaper punishment - did you just wet your pants or the bed & mommy caught you!? Well, you need to be punished with a strong spanking young man. Then, mommy will make sure you're diapered with plastic pants and even baby clothes to make sure your pee goes into the right place from now on.

Diaper lovers - I know some of you just love how diapers feel but aren't so much into full regression or babyish things. I'll lay you down & make sure those thick cushy disposable diapers are nice & snug on you! Doesn't that feel sexy AND safe? Now you know what to do to make yourself feel good in those pampers.

Sissy Babies - being a boy baby is fun but being a cute sissy baby girl is even funner! Forced sissifcation or playing dress up with mommy, I have 3 fun sissy dresses, frilly diaper covers and make up if specified.

Roleplaying - do you want me to be your bratty babysitter, stern teacher or mean sister who finds out your secret? I am YOUR dream babysitter so the more you communicate your diaper fantasies to me, I can make them come true and have a blast doing it!

Fetish Friend to talk to - I get MANY first timers who have never been diapered by a lady and some that have never even shared their special secret with anyone... ever! If you'd like to just chat and share with an understanding fetishist before we start, I am there... and I understand. If you're very nervous and would just like someone to talk to... I am here for YOU.

OTHER FETISHES - I often get ask to ass other fetishes into the babysitting session such as SPH (small penis humiliation), cuckold talk, sensual spanking, strap and more. I own a lot of fetish sites so I understand the psychology of most fetishes and woulve love to hear yours.

BOOK NOW! INCALL or OUTCALL to your hotel room or home. I have supplies, including: diapers (M & L) some toys, bottles & plastic pants, soothers, bibs & onsies, sissy dresses, rhumba panties and make up for all you sissy AB's!

Rates are $100/hr. 90 min mimumum. Discount for military